Selecting the right career path is critical for all MPBAs and prospective Master Program students. The reason is simple – every Master Program wants to see a return on their investment. Why Master Program has become such a sought after course in the last few years is the sheer spectrum of career options that you can opt for after completing the course. From marketing to advertising and even finance is great career choice. AnMaster Program could help financial advisors attract clients. For those who are not self-employed, anMaster Program can make it easier to move into a management role.

Sometimes decisions are taken just because it happens to be the trend or the “in thing.” Of course, there is nothing wrong in this, but it is always better to have clarity on “why Master Program” and the career benefits that one will derive from the same.

Let us examine at least a quarter of a century compelling factors:

Entry Barriers- Some decades back, having anMaster Program qualification was an added step to success at the corporate growth level. Now, many branded and blue-chip organizations have made it a policy to hire only Master Program even at the entry levels. They are tagged as management trainees. In various departments, it is these management trainees who move up the ladder.

Removing Growth Barriers:

 Having a management Certification is an added weapon which helps when being considered for promotion and higher positions in the corporate structure. The lack of an Master Program Certification can lead to deserving people being overlooked simply because it is an organizational policy. In 2017, nearly 7% of Master Program students secured immediate placements.

Limitation of Generic Jobs :

 Having a non-professional certification often becomes a constraint when someone starts entering the workforce. It is not necessary that all have a specialization like – Engineering, Doctor, Chartered accountant, or others. A plain vanilla graduation degree will only give generic jobs, and such jobs always have ready substitutes.  There is no demand for generic profiles, and there is always a glut of supply.

At the Top Hierarchy is Master Program:

The corporate culture is changing. There was a time when the Chief Financial Officer used to get the top boss job. If it was a manufacturing company, then the production head due to his technical expertise used to get the coveted position of the CEO. But today, the trend is to put the Master Program manager in the top slot because of their ability of bird’s eye view. Due to this discernible view, they are entrusted with the role of steering the ship in the right direction.www.iibmindia.in

Personality Development:

It is not just about subject knowledge. It is the development of the soft skills. An Master Program helps in overall personality growth (source). The course helps to have better presentation and interpersonal relationship skills by fine-tuning the communication. This communication ability is enhanced from the vigorous training and group discussions imparted as part of the curriculum. There is an overhauling of the personality, which otherwise would have taken, painstakingly long years.www.iibmindia.in

Confidence Building:

The personality development leads to a high level of confidence. Having high confidence is the gateway to career success. The present-day corporate scenario demands self-esteem and the ability to instill confidence in others. These include internal colleagues, superiors as well as external customers, partners, etc. For them to have confidence, first, the self-confidence should be inculcated. This is where having an Master Program helps.www.iibmindia.in

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