Digital transformation, digital disruption, technology management, strategy, innovation, and technology are very hot topics that executives can’t ignore anymore — whatever their field. Embracing the exciting world of the smart workplace is an essential challenge for established leaders who wish to drive their organizations forward.www.iibmindia.in
Digital Transformation will impact everybody, including executives
CEOs at the top of the chain are turning this into an opportunity to change the way they work. Automation redefines and redistributes human resources so that employees can focus on their uniquely human strengths: talent and intellect. Repetitive tasks, including up to 20% of the average CEO’s workload, can be passed on to the robot in the corner.
4 digital leadership skills for the new world of work
Digital Vision
When building a digital strategy, sell the idea of the long-term benefits the new technologies will bring. This was long before the technology was displayed in testing.
His strategy was to plant the story, so the most technically-averse people had time to get used to the idea of drone delivery. Eventually the concept didn’t seem so absurd. At the same time, the most motivated technology fans were excited and waiting to become an early adopter.
As a leader you set the tone for the rest of the organization. Advocacy is all about energizing people about the digital vision. AExecutivetransformation can only flourish in an environment fostered for digital growth. Where leaders invite a savvy non-manager to mentor them on how they use digital in their daily lives and work practices. Investing time in your own literacy encourages others to pursue similar knowledge.
Your communication style backs up your presence. Consider your messaging practices and how they may or may not portray your digital vision.
Developing openness to explore new technologies and taking a flexible approach to how you conceive the digital workplace will strengthen your adaptability muscle.
While the spirit of curiosity doesn’t come naturally to everyone, the most challenging aspect of adaptability for leaders is developing a higher risk tolerance. This can feel counter-intuitive to common business standards, but this tolerance allows innovation to thrive and ultimately drives the business forward.www.iibmindia.in

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