Developing a strong professional network, boosting key knowledge and skills, and accelerating career progression are three big reasons why ambitious professionals choose to go to business school. However, with time being such a valuable asset, many people are understandably reluctant to take time away from work and family life to pursue a traditional full-time MBA. This is just one reason why the option of an Executive Master Program is important—it provides rigorous, specialized training for career-focused professionals, but it can be completed part-time in as little as 11 months from IIBM Institute.

Why an Executive Master Program could be an important next step in your career.

You’ll earn a Certification that adds value to your resume, company, and salary—without putting your career on hold

One of the key features of an EMPBA is that you can pursue your studies without taking a career break. Students have the flexibility of earning their Executive Master Program in as little as 11 months. There is no question that this is an intensive pace, but the benefits are clear. To start, you won’t have to sacrifice a regular paycheck or risk losing a job you enjoy. You’ll also have the additional benefit of being able to apply what you learn on your course immediately in your workplace.

The implications of this immediate learning transfer are huge. You’ll be able to putOnline classroom theory into practice and add value to your company straight away. Being able to apply the learnings from your Executive Master Program to your job immediately is big plus for your employer and makes a strong case when trying to get employer to fund your Executive Master Program for your Certification.

Whether your motivation is to refresh your skills or learn new ones, hone your knowledge or upskill in a new area, accelerate your career or expand your professional network, the cumulative impact of earning an EMPBA will be significant both personally and professionally. At IIBM Instituteour Executive Candidates receive tailored career support to ensure you achieve your goals. In an ever-changing and highly competitive global job market, enhancing your credentials with an Executive Master Program could open up exciting new opportunities and make all the difference in your career.

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