What are the benefits of Executive Master Program? They are a great value for money, fun, exciting, challenging, flexible, accommodating, and not to be underestimated – truly inspiring. How many things in your life are all of these and more? An Executive Master Program offers busy executives and managers a fresh chance to look at business in a new way.

The Executive form of the Master Program seriously assumes that you are either just that – an executive, or on your way to becoming one, in your existing company, in a new one, or in your own business.

An EMPBA – what you make of it?

Candidates embarking on an Executive Master Program Certification are ambitious by nature. They’re determined, motivated, strong-minded and resolute. They have to be to survive and excel in the demanding environment that is the EMPBA. Yes, these candidates are studying for an EMPBA to better themselves, to further their career, climb up the management ladder and create a profitable business, of their own or their employers. But does that make them selfish by definition?

Upon graduation, when the candidate uses his or her newly acquired knowledge to establish a nonprofit, this can hardly be deemed a selfish act. When the newly accredited EMPBA Certification holder receives a promotion, opening up a position for a fellow team member to rise up the ranks, is this an act of selfishness?

Climb the ladder

An EMPBA is often the necessary step from being a talented individual to a successful executive with strong management acumen and leadership prowess. A business Certification is often a key requirement for hiring a GM or CEO from outside the company. It has certainly become the norm for CFO positions worldwide, even in emerging markets, and especially in international companies.

Business savvy students hurry to apply their newly acquired skills or knowledge to their ongoing work as soon as each session ends. This certainly does not remain unnoticed by their superiors. So attending an EMPBA program from IIBM Institute has immediate benefits for both the student and their employer.

Excellent financial returns

EMPBA Certification holders often see the salary increase even sooner than regular MBA students, as their superiors recognise the positive results of their studies even before they have been completed, while regular MBA students may still be looking for jobs or choosing among offers.

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