Project management is a diverse career field, however, the people drawn to it often share certain key traits: ambition, perseverance, creative problem-solving and a desire to push themselves to greater heights. And the problem-solving mentality extends beyond work projects and into career development itself.

Whether your project manager career path is just getting started or you’re considering changing careers, these seven pieces of advice from experts in the field will help you navigate your change.

Job Satisfaction is a Side Effect of Good Project Planning

It’s well-known that happy employees tend to be the most productive and most engaged with their jobs, but many workplace efforts to boost job satisfaction can’t see the forest for the trees.Argues that efforts to improve job satisfaction should focus on eliminating frustration rather than trying to make employees happy.

Your job is just one part of your life and many factors outside of work affect your overall levels of happiness and satisfaction.

When it comes to job performance, focusing on actionable ways to eliminate stress and frustration for yourself and your employees is the key to keeping everyone feeling productive and engaged. Eliminating frustration and boosting efficiency will yield more engaged and productive workers, which in turn creates satisfaction and happiness.

Networking is at the Heart of PM Career Advancement

Career advancement relies on networking, and this is especially important as you move your way up through a field. Your project manager resume might get you through the door, but furthering your career depends on the relationships that you build.

Fortunately, networking doesn’t have to be a frightening thing, networking is nothing more than an extension of human interest and interaction. Pink believes life begins with a conversation. This “connections” attitude toward career advancement is what will separate you from other candidates who focus only on project metrics and neglect personal relationships within their firm and industry.

Your Career Path Won’t Look Exactly Like Anyone Else’s

Project management is one of those careers that people sometimes fall into unexpectedly. In an interview, she describes landing her career accidentally, and her experience is far from the lone exception.

Some people enter the field knowing what they plan to do with their careers, but others try on several roles before finding the right fit. Wherever you are on the path, it’s important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules to success in project management. Having the right attitude and taking opportunities as they arise is more important than following any single set of instructions.

Whether you’re established in the field or pursuing your first project management certification, following the advice of seasoned PM experts can help to ensure your success and keep project manager career on the right path.




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