Every job interview is an opportunity, and you cannot take any chances to waste this opportunity. Right from the preparation of the interview to the actual interview, there are many factors which influence the outcome of the job interview.

One of the factors that make an impact on the interview is the time and day of the interview. No, we are not talking about referring to astrology and figuring out the right time and date for your interview!

However, things are changing and most companies, being MNCs, are asking their job applicants a choice of interview timings. When you start getting interview calls, you might be asked for your preference for a time for the job interview.

Here is a guide for you to decide on a good time to schedule your job interview –

Check on the interview window – The interviewer will often have a specific set number of days to fill a position, and they try to finish their interviews before that. You can talk to the interviewer and ask politely how long you have to schedule an interview.

You can tell them that you are busy with a project or have an exam and would appreciate some flexibility. If you are lucky, the interviewer will tell you a date range between which you can appear for the interview.

Once you get the range, pick a job interview day in between the range, a bit closer to the final date. This way you will be one of the last persons for the interview and will be fresh on their mind for the job.

Fix a time away from the busy or dull hours of the day – A job interview will require both you and the interviewer to be active and mentally present during the interview. First hours of the morning or any shift (If later shift like 11 to 8) are always busy preparing for the day, while the last one or two hours of the day are occupied in closing the activities and preparing for the next day.

You should pick a time between the lunch hour and both these ends of the day.

Avoid the last meeting of the workday: The same can be said for the last meeting of the day as by then there are surely many things on the mind including priorities for the next work day, dinner plans, kids’ homework, etc. And, don’t even think about the end of the day on a Friday.

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