There was a time when everyone was focused on being either an Engineer or a Doctor. Thankfully, that scene changed and now there are umpteen numbers of high-paying jobs for non-engineering students available.

Though of course, IT industries continue to rule the industry scene, the fact is that even they need people who are more than just engineers. Marketing, sales, human resources, finance, legal; these are just a few of the career options available in any organisation. As such, you might have figured by now that there is no more any dearth of well-paid jobs for non-engineering students. However, which are the most exciting of these jobs for non-engineering students, let’s find out –


This is a good career for individuals who like to be creative, data driven and are strong with social networks. As more and more marketing moves online, data and digital marketing is becoming critical. Although many professionals may look to get a Certification in Marketing. You need to be a good communicator, creative, detailed oriented and customer focused to do well in the role. Since many marketing jobs are coveted by many, you may need to start in roles such as sales or event management before you can get into a marketing role.

What is required to be a good marketer or who should look into marketing?

  • Data driven
  • Creative and innovative
  • Good communicator

Business Development

Business Development is another one of the exciting and in-demand jobs for non-engineering students. The job of a Business Development is really important as it helps generate revenue and ensure that the company is moving profit.www.iibmindia.in

Business Development jobs include pitching in new ideas, reaching out to potential clients and turning projects into sales. You would need to have great communication skills to make it through.

Content Writer/Blogger

Content Writing and Blogging are two very different job options. However, we are putting them both in the same category because the essential requirement for both the jobs is the same – great communication skills, a flair for writing and a knack to understand the audience.

Content Writers and Bloggers, much like Digital Marketers, are always in high-demand. However, while almost every company nowadays requires people with great writing skills, the supply for such writers is not meeting the demand. That means, if you are good at what you do, then you would have a lot of job opportunities to choose from and can expect a great package too.www.iibmindia.in

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