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TÜV SÜD PG Certificate in Business Administration + 2 Certification


 Course Overview

About TÜV SÜD-  Gives short introduction of TÜV SÜD

Course Access Duration- 6 Months

Why Chose the TÜV SÜD Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration TÜV SÜD Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration + Digital Marketing Professional + Project Management Certifications? – Benefits of the course

Who should attend/Target Audience – Talks about the eligibility criteria, best suited audience, etc.,

Program Plan – Gives in-depth information about what is covered, schedule, different phases involved and Process

Examination Format –

About the Course

TÜV SÜD is a largest and oldest certifying body worldwide with an extensive experience of over 140 years in systems, product, Processes, and people.TÜV SÜD Academy Certification Body for persons, hereinafter referred to “Certification Body for Persons”, performs examinations and certifications of persons in various subjects’ areas at a global level.

TÜV SÜD South Asia Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration will enable you to make a real difference within your management practice through the active use of frameworks, theories, and tools. It will help you to develop a good grounding in the theory and practice of managing and leading, covering the core functions and disciplines of management and helping you make the connections between them.

Online Digital Marketing program by IIBM India has been designed to meet the expanding needs for “Marketers” who are skilled in the utilization of a unique blend of technology, social media channels & business. You have the latest knowledge by becoming a Certified Digital Marketing Professional. Project management Certification education is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific one-time effort. Online Project management includes developing a project plan, which includes defining project goals and objectives, specifying tasks or how goals will be achieved, what resources are needed, and associating budgets and timelines for completion.

Fee Detail

Fee Option Installment-I Installment-II (after 1 Month) Installment-III (after 1 Month) Total Fees
Lump sum Rs.25,000 Rs.25,000

Payment Instruction

Payment Instructions:

  • GST 18 % is applicable from 1 July
  • All payment should be in favor of “ICR India Certifications Private Limited” payable at Meerut.

Why Choose the PG Certificate + 2 Certification

  • Certificate Gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management from TÜV SÜD.
  • Candidate will get two additional certificate Digital Marketing & Project Management from iibm Institute.
  • Complete your studies in 6 months taking modules of the Post Graduate Certificate followed by an Specialization
  • Online Materials subject related video lectures and eBooks are provided to the candidate via online Learning Management System and Android APP 
  • 24×7 Online Access:24×7 Online Access to Course Material
  • Support:Excellent online  support team to help Students  in need through e-mails/ chat mode
  • Develop Skill Develop globally relevant skills, helping you to advance in diverse roles worldwide
  • Acquire knowledge and skills that you can apply immediately to enhance your own practice

Desired Candidate Profile / Who Should Attend/Target Group

  • Degree/Diploma graduates / working professional
  • This certificate program is ideal for Business Manager looking to update their skills
  • project and product managers
  • anyone responsible for producing or executing a Business
  • It is also a perfect opportunity for non-marketing professionals and business leaders in all functional areas to develop their marketing strategy around their customers, their products and services, their market, or their brand
  • It is also a perfect opportunity for non-marketing professionals and business leaders in all functional areas to develop their marketing strategy around their customers, their product and services, their market, or their brand
  • Students who want to learn digital marketing to increase their job opportunities
  • Entrepreneurs/Business Individuals who want to promote their business through modern digital marketing techniques
  • If you’re an experienced project manager responsible for all aspects of project delivery, leading and directing
  • cross-functional teams, then the PMP is the right choice for you.

Program Plan

Course Modules

  • Module-1:  Marketing Management

    Module- 2 : Human Resource Management

    Module- 3 :  Financial Management

    Module- 4:   Business Communication

    Add on Certificate- To be awarded by TÜV SUD in Collaboration with IIBM Institute of Business Management


Examination Format

  • Examination done Online
  • One Online Exam to be conducted
  • Multiple-Choice Questions-examination consisting of 50 questions.
  • 90 minutes duration of the exam
  • A Pass is achieved by answering 50% of the questions correctly