You spent months searching for a new job, and now the dream finally came true: You landed an awesome gig. But now comes phase two of landing the job: Getting settled into your new role. The first couple months working somewhere new can be exciting, terrifying, and confusing—and they can really make or break your time at a particular company.

If you’re looking for an extra push to really get settled into your new role, we’ve searched the web for the best resources on how to totally wow your new boss and colleagues and feel way more comfortable in your surroundings.

Be open, compare less

Every workplace experience is unique. There are things that make sense but there are others that will get on your nerves. A new job comes with its own set of shockers and surprises. So, when you begin with your first job reset all your expectations. For assured career success, you should know that no job comes exactly like how you imagined or wished it to be. Be open to all that comes your way. Strictly refrain from comparing your work life with others.

Get a grip of your job description

Here’s career advice for a lifetime – Job description is just the tip of the iceberg. For career success, find out what’s beneath it. In order to fully master your role and understand responsibilities, spend some time digging in previous projects, old reports, statistics and absolutely any data that can help you.

Although you will be expected to deliver immediately, start steadily. Do not rush around with your ambitious goals.  When you have grasped the necessary information, you’ll be in a stronger position to perform better.

Build respect

There’s no better time to channel your inner extrovert, and to make use of your networking skills, than your first few weeks at work. Take every appropriate opportunity to introduce yourself and to ask people about their role. Don’t rely on others to make the introductions for you.

You’ll probably find your new team welcoming and supportive. But if you are replacing someone they particularly liked, or your role is completely new, they may be initially suspicious and unforthcoming. Stay positive, remain professional and pay attention to the dynamics between people and teams.

Build respect and trust by looking for ways to help out and by taking an interest in what other people are doing. Try to pick up on your new colleague’s working styles and adapt your approach to meet their needs. If you are a manager, take time to get to know your team as well as other senior colleagues. Building relationships will enable you to nurture a strong team spirit and establish yourself as a supportiveleader from day one.

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