The Top Social Media Jobs you Should be Looking at Now

Social Media as a channel for business is constantly evolving, and today’s hot channel could be tomorrow’s also-ran.

But there’s no denying that however, the best practices might change, social media is a critical part of the strategy for businesses that want to build brand authority, engage customers, nurture a dedicated audience, and manage their online reputations.

If you’re looking to make your mark as a social media specialist, there are loads of opportunities for a well-trained pro.

Let’s take a look at a few of the key titles, what they do day-to-day, what the Social Media jobs requirements are, and what kind of living you can make in this exciting industry.

1. Social media marketing manager

Social media marketing managers oversee design and execution of the social media marketing strategies.

They aim to bring the brand to the forefront and drive audience growth. There are a number of tools that these managers use to analyse the best tactics for every site. Due to the difference in each social media site, content needs to be modified to heighten its effects.

Your responsibilities.

  • Oversee the communication strategy for the social platform.
  • Delegate these goals and expectations to the rest of the online marketing team.

What are the requirements?

The basic educational requirement to bag this role is most often a Bachelor’s degree, but sometimes an MBA is preferred.

Apart from this, backing you up should be a minimum of 5 years in digital marketing. You will need to have excellent verbal and written communication skills and a solid understanding of the social media platforms.

What will your salary look like?

Social media marketing strategists earn $57,000 annually.

2. Social media marketing coordinator

A social media coordinator is one who is entitled to write unique content and take photos and videos for the social media accounts that they administer.

Your responsibilities.

  • Frequently post updates on social media channels.
  • Use social media analysis tools.

What are the entry requirements?

For this role, it isn’t necessary to have a college degree. However, potential candidates need to have strong written and verbal skills, be proficient in blogging and have knowledge of the social media platforms and video editing.

What will your salary look like?

Social media marketing coordinators earn $47,000 per year.

3. Online community manager

The online community manager is often the link between an online community (social networks, email groups, message boards) and the company.

With the massive use of social media to share ideas and interests, online marketers have the perfect opportunity to target specific groups and pitch their own services.

Your responsibilities.

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Increase web traffic
  • Maximise the company’s social media marketing strategy
  • Group management
  • Creating one on one interactions with customers on social media
  • Be the voice of the company on social media

What are the entry requirements?

The basic requirement for this role is a Bachelor’s degree. Apart from this, backing you up should be a minimum of 2 years within a business setting and experience in video editing, Photoshop, and web development.

What will your salary look like?
Online community managers earn $59,000 annually.

4. Blogger or social media copywriter

Often confused with a ‘hobby’, blogging stands as the most important Social Media jobs in Digital marketing today. It is an integral part of creating an online presence.

What you’ll do.

  • To create factual and engaging online content via social media networks, blog posts, and message boards.
  • Attract followers and leaders.

What are the entry requirements?

For this role, it isn’t essential to have a college degree, but it is always preferred. Potential candidates need to have exceptional written skills to deliver site content.

What will your salary look like?
Bloggers and social media copywriters earn $43,000 per year.

So there you have it. The top social media jobs of this year. The Digital Marketing industry is booming and opportunity is everywhere

Get into the industry. Take up a certification. Build your skills and let your career soar.

What are you waiting for?

Get certified and get ahead today.

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