“When you start with what is at stake for the buyer, you earn the right to their attention” –This holds true for a marketing professional.As a marketer, you know how important it is to sell rightly. Use your selling skills in your resume and influence the right people in your job search list.

There is tremendous value in adding top skills in your resume if you want to market yourself for a marketing position.

Take a closer look at what skills can give you the edge.

Communication, Network and Negotiation

Good communication skills are the basic requisite for any marketing job. Employers look out for candidates with seamless communication and shrewd business minds. A job in the marketing sector would keep you associated with suppliers, service providers, manufacturers and most importantly customers. And to deal with all these, you need good communication.

Good communication skills help you build networks and negotiate better; the two important needs of a marketing profession. If you can successfully deliver your capabilities to the employer, you have an

Leadership Skills

There are several skills that define a leader. To be a successful marketer, you need all the skills of a leader. As a leader you need to be working hard, be responsible, active, ambitious, honest, committed, productive, simple, direct and communicable. Include projects where you have exhibited or conveyed all these qualities. A snapshot of your achievements can have a great impact on the recruiter. In addition, professional knowledge of the industry is also a must.

Analytical Thinking

Marketing requires a lot of research-based analysis to determine what the audience wants and needs, and a lot of careful strategy crafted around that strategy. Marketers often have to change course based on new information and should be able to draw logical conclusions based on data and other information received.


Marketers need to be able to think of new and exciting ideas to appeal to their clients and to the target demographic to keep from becoming stale. From having an eye for design to coming up with amusing concepts, the ability to think outside the box is crucial.

How to Write a Resume for Marketing

Whenever you are writing a resume for marketing, there are some key points you should remember.

Know your target: Treat your employer as your potential customer and try to sell yourself to them. If you know who is going to read your resume like you know who is going to use your product, selling becomes a little easy.

Have a USP: You might have a blend of skills and qualifications that make you fit for the role, but you need to define something on your resume that keeps you apart from the rest.

Have a strategy: You just can’t approach an employer randomly. You need to execute it as a project and have a plan to successfully reach to the desired position. For this:

  • Highlight your value proposition
  • Look out for ideal keywords
  • Look out for best layout and design
  • Keep the basics of resume writing intact
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