Digital Marketing and Business analytics are two of the top trending courses of 2019. Digital Marketing is an organized attempt to gain information from a target audience about a pre-decided topic. Businessanalyticsis the method of collating, cleaning, modelling and analysing data with the aim of generating insights from them. In addition to these subjects, the perennially popular fields of marketing and branding continue to gain traction as the top trending courses of 2019.

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing certificate program offered by IIBM Institute is curated to familiarize its participants with the core concepts of digital marketing. At the end of the program, the participants develop the working knowledge of digital marketing and its various operations. It consists of live sessions by IIBM Institute expert faculty and provides a hands-on experience to participants with case studies and projects.

Financial Analytics

The executive development program in financial analytics is a course meant for finance professionals. Today’s businesses continuously generate financial data and analyse it to draw insights that can help the business financially. This course helps the participants learn how to use complex statistical tools like Python and R. They will be able to perform financial analysis by using the financial information coupled with social media to make logical predictions.

Business Analytics

The executive development program in business analytics aims to help the participants in applying the core concepts of big data and business analytics in their regular managerial decision making. The course teaches how big data and data mining techniques enable the decision-making process by using reliable data-driven insights. The participants also get to know about the best practices related to the field by using an open-source programming language and machine learning frameworks. It is an online certification course.

Project Management

Project Management Course of IIBM Institute offers an executive development program in project management for senior professionals. This is an exhaustive course that teaches how to manage business projects effectively. As most senior professionals of any company are involved in project-related activities, this course will prepare them by covering a host of issues related to the operational, legal, financial and business aspects of project management. The course is taught by some of the most reputed faculty of Institute along with industry veterans

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