While it is easier to define and quantify hard skills, soft skills are intangible but hold a lot of importance in determining whether you would get the job or not.

Most companies shortlist candidates on the basis of their technical skills but when it comes to the selection process for non-tech job profiles (even if the company is into IT industry), it is based primarily on the soft skills you possess. Therefore, it is important to master certain soft skills for a successful career.

That is why today we are here with a list of top 4 soft skills that you should focus on to ensure a successful and rewarding career.

Team Player Attitude

The ability to play well with others is a soft skill you’ve been working on — unknowingly — since your first day of pre-school or daycare. You might not have known it when you were fighting over blocks or figuring out the rules of a made-up game, but you were actually preparing for a lifetime of workplace collaboration.

Whether you’re an individual contributor or a people manager, you have to work with other people — in meetings, in brainstorms, and on various cross-functional projects within your company. A positive, can-do attitude when it comes to working with others is essential to team harmony, which means you need to be able to run an effective and inclusive meeting, be open to new ideas, and work respectfully with others.

Read our guide to running better meetings for all personality types here, and brush up on these rapport-building questions to get to know and work well with any team member you encounter.

Problem-solving skills

One of the major soft skills that employers look for is problem-solving skills. Of course, you need to be critical and analytical to be a problem solver but that is not it. You also need the attitude to look at a problem and try to think of a solution rather than give up in the face of it.

To test a candidate’s problem-solving skills, recruiters often ask ‘situational questions’ to see how they would react to it and the approach they would take to arrive at a solution.

Also, you don’t necessarily have to come up with the solution to every problem every time. However, you should try and look at all possibilities before giving up.


One of the most undermined soft skills, creativity is often misunderstood for being artsy. You don’t always have to paint poetry to be called creative. Creativity in general workplace is being resourceful and thinking out of the box.

Creativity is the requirement of every job profile and will get you noticed. So, work on your creative juices to have a super successful

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