IIBM Institute offer a host of specialization options some of which are very popular while others are niche in nature. However, with so many options to choose from, Master Program aspirants often get confused when it comes to picking the right Master Program specialization. Choosing the right Master Program specialization is critical for the success of Master Program aspirants not only during the course of completing their Master Program but also during the professional career after that. Therefore, it is very important for Master Program aspirants to understand which are the popular Master Program specializations and what do they offer in terms of subject knowledge and career opportunities.

Master Program in Human Resource Management

Master Program in HR or Human Resources is a popular Master Program specialization option among the Indian students. This Master Program specialization is an apt choice for you if you want to pursue a career in human resource management. During the course of your Master Program, you will learn everything from recruitment and selection of talent to payroll and compensation management as well as training, development, job analysis and appraisal of the human resources. Despite being a specialized domain, anMaster Program in HR doesn’t limit your options to any particular industry, as HR managers are required in almost every organization.

Master Program in Marketing

Master Program in Marketing is another popular career option that is highly sought after by Master Program aspirants and management students in India. Marketing is a dynamic and competitive field in which people act as a bridge between the organization and the end-user. Master Program aspirants who have an outgoing personality, excellent communication skills coupled with resource mobilization skills are the right fit for this role. Doing an Master Program in Marketing can help you start your professional career as project managers, brand managers, marketing managers and many others. The key advantage of opting for Master Program in Marketing is that it offers fast-paced career growth coupled with hefty packages. With more experience, you can safely look at a rapid climb up the career ladder as Chief Marketing

Master Program in Finance

Master Program in Finance is the most preferred specialization for a majority of Master Program aspirants in India. The course helps students learn the basics of corporate finance and planning; therefore, aspirants with an accounting background or finance understanding tend to do well in this domain. The management graduates who hold anMaster Program in Finance can become financial managers, financial analysts and accounting managers in corporate firms.  With more experience, you can also look at climbing the ladder to occupy key executive positions such as CFO. Master Program in finance can also open up job opportunities in different sectors such as investment banking, merchant banking, financial consultancies, financial institutions, and international

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