Tips For Staying Calm During A Job Interview !!

Happy and bouncing with joy, your resume has made the cut with all the tips and tricks that you’ve been following for writing effective resumes and cover letters. Raring to go for the next step -the job interview, but hold! Getting an interview call is a hard nut-to-crack post getting the resume clear the hiring managers table hence tread with caution and most importantly prepare!

Better to be prepared than to be sorry! The groundwork for interview preparation could include reading up on Q&A, decisions on attire as well as psychological preparation.

Some quick job interview tips will go a long way in making that everlasting impression.

Before the Interview:

1.   Read up about the company; its product and services
2.   Prepare for some key questions such as:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Tell me about your current job profile

Any key challenges faced/ resolved which had huge business impact

1.   Why do you want to leave your current job
2.   What makes you interested in this profile/company
3.   List down your personal goals, strengths and what do you bring to the table
4.   Talk to people who might be working in that firm about company’s culture, dress code and so on
5.   Keep 3-4 print-outs of your resume accessible
6.   Focus on self-grooming and keep a professional attire ready for the day

During the Interview

7.   Maintain eye-contact with a positive body language, shake hands firmly and smile
8.   Stay engaged in the conversation, avoid looking around in the room
9.   Ask questions wherever required, stay focused
10.  Be proactive in asking questions about the company/job profile and key requirements for the            profile you have applied for
11.  Avoid talking negative about previous bosses or bad-mouthing the company
12.  Remain formal; laugh or joke wherever appropriate
13.  Avoid boasting too much about education, achievements, and so on
14.  Leave on a pleasant note, thanking members in the interview, while politely enquiring when can          you expect to hear from them next

Recruiters possess a keen eye which starts with the candidate the moment he/she walks in and continues until the time they leave. They check candidates on mannerisms, style of talking, and quality of answers and how well they were able to handle some really tough questions.

It is not always important to give the right answer and is appreciated by the recruiters when candidates candidly tell them that they would not know or do not have any idea on this subject. It’s therefore recommended to politely say a ‘no’ instead of attempting when you are not sure of the answer.

Instead of fretting or fumbling in the interview, try and keep calm! Think of it as a discussion and take it on with that spirit. Answer with a smile and in an interactive manner, sit with open hands as a crossed hand posture is often considered as being ‘closed’ and not receptive to what is being said. Maintain an upright body posture with few hand movements, not that they become a distraction.

Enquire the recruiter about company details, job profile in case you wish to or do not have clarity on it. Recruiters are appreciative of candidates who are inquisitive, who ask questions.


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