The Executive Master Program Certification from IIBM Institute remains one of the most solid investments you can make in yourself: intense leadership development, greater strategic vision and immediately applicable skills are all benefits for anstudents. But perhaps the most commonly quoted and highly anticipated benefit is that of a greater salary.

The good news is that a salary increase upon completion of an EMPBA is nearly guaranteed. In fact, the report shows students quoting an average salary increase of 23 percent after Certification. Equally interesting is the fact that the report shows that the actual payback period for an Executive Master Program has been reduced from 23 to 17 months over the past year.

Company Sponsorship – a Waning Trend

In the past, most employers understood the major benefits that they could receive from having an employee with improved managerial and leadership skills, not to mention the reinforced loyalty of sponsored EMPBA participants.  When a company does decide to invest in a valued employee, it benefits not only from a direct return on investment from the rich course content, but it also sees the increased confidence and broader communication skills the employee brings back after each module. This lays the foundation for new responsibilities, not only for the EMPBA participant preparing for the next level, but for the organization developing healthy succession planning within as well.

Interestingly, Executive Master Program students foresee these benefits, but underestimate their power. The Executive Master Program  reports 37 percent of students exiting an executive Master program expected a promotion – 43 percent were actually promoted.

The Future Looks Bright

Promotions and increased earnings are just one side of the coin. An EMPBA also allows students to start “looking around with a new set of eyes,” You start seeing things that weren’t there before and thinking of new solutions to old problems from operations to strategic management. In my case there was a star subject: managing people.They been given more responsibility and more complex situations to manage. They have been seen theirself assurance grow, along with skills and

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