Perhaps you are only just now considering an EMPBA and have not even filled in your first application but it is never a bad idea to move forward keeping the end in sight. So, with that in mind, find out what career advice they would offer to new EMPBA candidates to help them take full advantage of their Certification with IIBM Institute. The benefits of an EMPBA can be enormous. From increased salary and promotions, to an enviable network and enhanced global outlook, here are the top five reasons you should consider getting one.

Executive Master Program not only help business leaders grow, they help them make significant career transitions, find a new job or garner a promotion, or launch a new business.

You gain a more international business outlook

To create business value, leaders need to understand both the local and global economies. An EMPBA will introduce you to international perspectives, through a globally diverse student body from a wide range of cultures, companies, industries and functions,  EMPBA participants come from outside the US, from firms in the technology, healthcare, financial, biotechnology and many other sectors.

IIBM Institutestudents also take part in internationally-based learning opportunities. Students help companies to solve a challenge relating to innovation, global management or social challenges.

It signals readiness to move into a more senior position

An EMPBA is for senior managers who have reached the point in their career when they want to stop and take stock, and plan their next career move. “If you’re sure you are at a crossroads and are intellectually curious and ambitious, then an EMPBA will serve you well,”.

Often, just enrolling in a program will signal to employers that you’re ready to move into a more senior position. “One of the key benefits of completing an EMPBA program is an individual’s frame of reference is greatly expanded,”. His data show that 41% of EMPBA candidates are promoted and 52% receive new responsibilities at work.

You apply learning directly into the workplace

Because EMPBAs study part-time and are usually employed throughout their programs, they can apply their new-found knowledge directly into the workplace — making them better at their job. EMPBA programs provide a wide variety of leadership development tools and greater strategic vision. “We hear how individuals now have a strategic view of their enterprise and they are equipped to make better decisions and execute actions more effectively. www.iibmindia.in

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