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Supply Chain Management Professional


Effective Supply Chain Management is considered as one of the most powerful sources of competitive advantage in recent times where organizations are faced with poor Infrastructure, volatile customer demand and rising cost of logistics and inventory. You will get a chance to apply the concepts learnt in a real-world supply chain problem faced by your organization as part of the course, Supply chain management professional find employment in various transportation, warehousing, distribution and shipping conglomerates this certificate program focuses on the tools of Global Supply Chain Management including concepts and applications.


10+2 or Equivalent


3 Months

Course Fess

INR 15000.00


  • Part I Building Strategic Framework to analyze Supply Chains
    • Supply chain performance: Achieving strategic fit
    • Supply chain Drivers and metrics


    Part II Designing the Supply chain Network


    • Designing Distribution Networks and applications to e-business
    • Network design in the supply chain
    • Designing global supply chain networks


    Part III Planning Demand and Supply in a Supply Chain


    • Demand forecasting & aggregate planning in supply chain
    • Sales and operations planning: planning supply and demand


    Part IV Planning and Managing Inventories in a Supply chain


    • Managing economies of scale in a supply chain: cycle inventories
    • Managing uncertainty in a supply chain: safety inventory
    • Determining the optimal level of product availability


    Part V Designing and Planning Transportation Network


    • Transportation in a supply chain


     Part VI Managing Cross-Functional Drivers in a Supply Chain


    • Sourcing decisions, pricing and revenue in a supply chain
    • Information technology and coordination in a supply chain

Fees Details

Particular :  Lump Sum Payment

Program Fees : INR 15000.00

Payment Instructions:

  • Service tax of 15 % is applicable
  • All payment should be in favor of “ICR India Certifications Private Limited” payable at Meerut.