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Online Education focuses on the pedagogy, technology, and instructional system designs that aim to deliver education to students who are not physically ‘on site’

IIBM Six Sigma Institute of Business Management is one of the most rapidly growing leaders in providing online industry Oriented management development certification program.

Yes! Every year millions of students are completing Online study courses, worldwide. Using modern methods, you get to learn in the comfort of your own home. Above that this is the best way of enhancing knowledge for the working executives who otherwise would be unable to afford absence from the office.

Six Sigma is a data driven, customer focused and result oriented methodology which uses statistical tools and techniques to systematically eliminate the defects and inefficiency to improve processes.

Sigma, represented by the Greek alphabet �σ�, stands for standard deviation from the �mean�.

�Six Sigma� represents six standard deviations from the �mean.� This implies that if a company produces 1,000,000 units, and its processes are at Six Sigma level, then less than 3.4 defects only will result

Six Sigma approach is to find out the root cause of the problem which can be symbolically expressed as Y = F(X). Y represents the problem that occurs due to cause (s) X.

Six Sigma can be applied in any industry, e.g. manufacturing, service, healthcare, etc.

Six Sigma Green Belt course covers most of the common tools and techniques used in Six Sigma. Black Belt course provides competence in advanced statistical tools and techniques that are used in major and complex projects.

Six Sigma is now a widely accepted quality concept in the corporate world. Six Sigma was introduced in USA in the 1980s as a statistics-based method to reduce variation in electronic manufacturing processes at Motorola Inc. Today, twenty and odd years on, Six Sigma is being used as an all-encompassing business performance improvement methodology across the globe.

No, it is not necessary to do a project for the Six Sigma certification. But we recommend that you take up projects and apply Six Sigma principles to gain practical knowledge.

Optional project � There is no project requirement for Green Belt. For Black Belt, you can, optionally, work on any project while studying for the course. The project report should be submitted within 6 months of completing the course.

– Comprehensive study guides for all phases of the course with illustrative examples.

– Probing chapter tests to test the understanding of the concept of the particular chapter.

– Self Evaluation tests for all the chapters. They help you to understand the concepts better.

– Aligned with concepts taught by ASQ (American Society for Quality). IIBM Six Sigma courses are a great way to prepare for ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt and other advanced quality certifications.

– Most economical

– Globally accepted

– Trusted by 200+ companies

When a Organization is ISO 9001: 2008 Certified it means that they are following a very strict QMS Quality Management Systems. They have to follow a very strict QMS in adherence to the International Levels. Unless the companies meet certain Minimum Acceptance Levels, The ISO Certification will not be given. These basic minimum standards are set by International Organization for Standardization which is based in Germany. We have to maintain a very high QMS regarding every small aspect including planning of course, conducting the course, Syllabus & content of course, Faculty Selection etc. That Means, our program confirms to high standards set by the International organization for Standardization.

Students should send a Demand Draft or Cheque. The Demand Draft should be in the favour of IIBM Institute of Business Management” payable at New Delhi/Meerut. And also candidates can do the payment Online to click on the Pay online Link from the Website. www.iibmsixsigma.com

Yes, on payment of full Program fees or Installments Fee receipt will be sent to the students by post or Email .

You can go to www.iibmsixsigma.com, Fill up the application form available there and sent it to us along with DD or you can even pay online.

Yes, IIBM does provide online guidance and assistance. You can go to the site and put your queries.

In general terms, there are no refunds of fees paid when the student has commenced their course of studies.

No, the course fees paid is non- transferable.