Great employees spend the majority of their time helping other people succeed: Their company, their employees, their customers and vendors and suppliers… the list goes on and on.

Great employees also spend some time helping themselves succeed, both for “selfish” reasons and because their success creates success for others.

To succeed you must stand out from the crowd. Here are six ways:

  1. Be Loyal

Businesses commonly have limited staff members, and every employee is important. Therefore, managers expect loyalty from workers, especially in small operations because so much is riding on individuals’ commitment and dedication to keeping up productivity levels. Loyalty is what will need to get you noticed because it will often be backed up by your dedication to your work, which then leads to good results and business

  1. Be proactive.
  • Take responsibility for what you do. Be accountable for any mistakes you make.
  • Learn all you can about the organization and your role.
  • Learn how to do all the tasks that are part of your job.
  • Take initiative. Contribute without being asked. Just make sure you’re not stepping on someone else’s toes.
  • Learn a skill that will help you stand out. For example, you might become the person everyone goes to for help with a computer program or with proofreading an important email.
  1. Be flexible and adaptable.
  • Be aware that you can’t control everything.
  • Be ready and willing to compromise.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Keep learning. It will help you handle change.
  1. Know The Mission

Large corporations and enterprises commonly publish the organisation’s mission statement on their websites for all the world to see, including investors and other stakeholders. In contrast, the mission statement for some small businesses may be very simple and general, such as “Serving customers with a smile.”

The mission statement is what guides daily actions and it is what the whole company is working towards. Do not just show up at work to do what you are required to do and go home. Own the company’s mission and work towards it.

  1. Have a confident exterior.

It’s important to feel confident on the inside, but a winner’s confidence must show, as well. Start with the foundation – your posture. Stand up straight. Keep your shoulders back and your chest high. A slouchy demeanor reads as insecure. Second, look the part. Style your hair. Buy a stylish suit. Iron your work clothes. Finally, make sure your body language is strong and direct. When talking to your boss, look them in the eye. Practice a firm handshake. Like it or not, physicality and appearance go a long way.

Be punctual

This is the easiest thing to do but if not done it can offend a lot of people.Make it a habit to be at the meeting or at your desk ten minutes before the scheduled time.People who are punctual are always respected.Cross your heart and ask how many times you’ve missed a flight because you are late? Very rarely right?

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