In business, by doing project management professional course increases a skill and a demanding full-time job. Project managers (PMs) are key employees in such industries as construction, engineering, architecture, manufacturing, and real estate development, but many opportunities for PMs exist outside these areas. In high tech, biotech, or pharmaceuticals, for example, project managers are responsible for launching new products, developing new technologies, and managing alliance programs with strategic partners.

Large corporations such as insurance companies and banks may also hire Project management Professional to manage the implementation of new standards or practices in their many branch offices. Internet companies often look for project managers to oversee site launches or the development of new applications.


Professional certification in project management is available through the IIBM Institute of Business Management, which bestows the profession’s most globally recognised and respected credential-certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP). To obtain the PMP credential, applicants must satisfy requirements involving education and experience, agree to a code of ethics, and pass the PMP certification examination. Many corporations require PMP certification for employment or advancement.


In general, the field of project management is incredibly hot but the outlook might be brightest for PMs in the biotech and high-tech arenas. As might be expected, project management opportunities depend on the number of projects taking place. When the economy is booming, demand for PMs is usually high. When the economy is slow, look for opportunities in hot industry sectors, where a lot of projects are taking place. A wide range of industries uses PMs to handle everything from launching new products to leading restructuring efforts to converting MIS systems.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts excellent job growth for project managers in construction through 2014. Increasing complexity of construction projects could, however, drive demand slightly above average. The outlook is much stronger for product managers in industries with strong growth prospects, such as high-tech and biotechnology.

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