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List Of Professional Courses


This program provides Students education necessary to pursue a career in materials management. The benefiting from this program include: production and inventory control professionals course list who want to increase their knowledge of the field; newcomers to the profession who want to acquire a solid foundation on which to build a career; and those choosing careers in purchasing, accounting, production supervision, traffic or warehousing. Today, successful companies rely on the skills of Material Management professionals to keep their goods and services efficiently, and as cost-effective as possible. Materials management is a bright spot among up-and-coming careers, with employment opportunities in a wide variety of industries, in firms of all sizes.


No prerequisite needed


6 Months

Course Fess

INR 15000.00


  • S. No Name of the Professional Certification Course
    1 Negotiation Skills Professional
    2 Logistic Management Professional
    3 Strategy Cost Management Professional
    4 Operation Research Professional
    5 Entrepreneurship Development Professional
    6 International Marketing Professional
    7 Knowledge Management Professional
    8 Marketing Management Professional
    9 Customer Relationship Management Professional
    10 Services Marketing Professional
    11 Hospital Administration Professional
    12 Business Ethics Professional
    13 Production Planning and control Professional
    14 Global Marketing Management Professional
    15 IT & Management Professional
    16 Hospitality Management Professional
    17 Industrial Relations Professional
    18 Insurance Management Professional
    19 Risk Management & Insurance Professional
    20 Consumer Behavior Professional
    21 Retail Management Professional
    22 Inventory Management Professional
    23 Certified Software Tester Professional
    24 Database Management System Professional
    25 Management Information System
    26 Safety Management
    27 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Professional
    28 Financial Services Professional
    29 International Finance Professional
    30 Management Accounting Professional
    31 Contract & Procurement Management

Fees Details

As per the Course opted