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About Course

  • The primary objectives of Post Graduate Program in  Project Management Fundamentals are to 1) empower personnel with the vocabulary, knowledge competencies and basic performance competencies necessary to intuitively understand and function at a high level in their project supporting roles and 2) to organize and execute their own day-to-day work in a more efficient manner using modern online project management concepts and methods. It is designed to provide personnel with a broad understanding of the project management principles, concepts, tools and techniques applied across the organization, along with the global standards from which they are derived.
    In today’s world of business, scale and the ability to successfully manage business projects management are critical skills for the sustained profitability and existence of organizations. Moreover, most members of organizations are involved in project-related activities in some way or the other.

About MSME

The MSME sector has emerged as a dynamic sector of the Indian economy over the last five decades. MSMEs contribute enormously to the socio-economic development of the country. MSME have a large share of jobs, production and exports. The primary responsibility of promotion and development of MSMEs is of the State Governments.

Major contribution of MSMEs is as follows:

  1. It provides opportunities at comparatively lower cost;
  2. It helps in industrialization of rural and backward areas;
  3. Reduce Regional imbalances through the optimum utilization of their resources;
  4. More equitable distribution of national income and wealth;
  5. Major partner in the process of inclusive growth.

Eligibility & Course Access Duration

Eligibility  Course Access Duration 
Graduation/ Diploma in any discipline  6 Months

Course Curriculum

Project Management
Management Information Systems
Quantitative Methods
Production Planning & Control
Enterprise Resource Planning
Project Planning Concepts
Project Execution
Project assessment
Project Administration
Project Report

Who Should Attend

Project management career needs people management abilities, and the competence to execute projects effectively. Qualified project managers are highly in demand in thriving industries like Information Technology, pharmaceutical, petro-chemical, construction, automotive amongst others.
Large corporations like banks and insurance companies have also started employing project managers to carry out execution more effectively.

Confronting challenges head on and overcoming them is a vital part of this career. The elementary requisite of the job is to ensure in-time delivery of a project with expected quality. Project managers play the pivotal role in the establishment of the scope of the project, and then oversee its progress until a successful delivery.

In matter of years, project managers gain vast and varied experience in the domain and usually take to consulting or partnering in project management firms.

Potential Career Growth

  • The Project Management is an essential professional requirement across all industries for senior project manager roles. This course is best suited for:
    • Project Managers
    • Associate/Assistant Project Managers
    • Team Leads/Team Managers
    • Project Executives/Project Engineers
    • Software Developers
    • Any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager

Fee Details

Fee Option Lump Sum Total Fee
Lump Sum Rs.25,000 Rs.25,000