Online Education Startup Disrupts Higher Education

The need to learn, develop and certify knowledge and skills is inevitable. We all at some point in time in our careers have wished to learn more and study further in our interest zones and refine our skills. Unfortunately, as per the traditional education system, we always need to make a choice between continuing to study and taking up the course. However, a startup company has resolved the dilemma.

Founded by Rajesh Maheshwari, Vikas Maheshwari and Vidhi Rathi in 2008, is a startup focused on the training and certification for working professionals and fresher.

IIBM Institute ( started helping professionals across India to realise their career growth dreams.

IIBM’s Professional courses in Business Management help professionals and fresher’s to shape their career growth and get a good salary in the industry.

The methodology at the institute, although in an online education format, is intended to guarantee that the learner rises as and one of a kind person who can deliver a good performance at the work place as a genuine pioneer in the chosen niche.

PGPM – Job Prospects

There are many professional courses provided by IIBM India, for instance, one of the popular courses is PGPM Sales and Marketing. After pursuing a PG course in sales and marketing from IIBM India, a student has the option to build a profitable career in this field.

Learners who have completed their courses in Sales & Marketing at IIBM India can get a job as a Manager or assistant Manager in any firm and begin their career with a basic salary of Rs.20, 000 to Rs.25, 000 per month mostly in private sector. The salary might rise depending upon certain factors such as qualification, job profile and experience. For those who are working at senior level in the field of sales & marketing can get a salary up to Rs.50, 000 to Rs.60, 000 per month.

About IIBM Institute

IIBM Institute ( offers 100+ certification courses in PGPM, Project Management, Certified Manager, Six Sigma Certification, Quality Management, Financial Management and more. IIBM has trained over 12,000+ professionals across 20+ countries.

IIBM Institute of Business Management is the Indian partner of IPMA, UK PGDM courses, Accredited Training Organization by IAO, UK, ISO 9001 certified company.

Today, IIBM is a trusted institute having over 100+ courses across 20 countries, with over 100+ employees and has trained over 12,000+ professionals across the globe.

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