Online Education of IIBM Institutehave many advantages known to us that gives them the edge over other regular education systems. To start with, not only for working professionals and homemakers, but it is also for those who wish to enhance their skill sets and make them as varied as possible. Where on one side homemakers across the world can now receive Certification  with help of IIBM Instituteand become qualified enough to do a job and support their families

Desktops, mobile phones, tablets – knowledge takes the electronic route. With technical inventions and innovations taking place, knowledge now no more confides only in books, but in all possible devices that has an internet connection. This has widened the scope of education. With the largest education system in the world, India bags the second highest position when it comes to course enrollments with more than 1,55,000 students from the country registered in online courses.

5 Reasons why Online Education is Popular

  • One of the major reasons why Online learning is gaining popularity is also because the cost of learning online is drastically less than a regular college.
  • The costs incurred only include study material generating, lecturer video content and internet costs, which reduces to overall production cost for a study material for an individual.
  • Not only this, but lectures, video and audio content are properly documented for reference later without any changes which helps with the rhythm of studying.
  • It’s growing success can also be owed to the fact that it allows individuals to pursue professional courses like Master Program, Executive Program and other courses studies while working.
  • It saves time as well as money and the job opportunities differ very minutely for both methods of education.

In many companies, the management pays for the individual to go through the course because it adds value to the skill set and retains an already experienced employee.Most of the ones that complete the course learn it while doing their jobs to implement it in their workspace or to have an addition of skill set. The point expressed can be considered similar to someone learning Google sheets to document activities and use it to simplify tracking of operations. The journey began with introducing online learning that was merely aimed to eliminate monotony in the learning methodologies.

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