MPBA Accounting job opportunities

Accounting services is a broad term which includes a wide gamut of services like audit, management consulting, financial management, and taxation. Every year thousands of accounting graduates enter the job market in search of suitable opportunities. Though there is no dearth of good jobs in the accounting sector, there is stiff competition among qualified candidates seeking opportunities to work in reputed accounting organisations.

MPBA Accounting job opportunities: Accountancy Jobs For Professionals

Management Consultants

Management consultants are accounting professionals who are in charge of maximising growth and creating value for the company. Their main area of focus is managing and ensuring the smooth operation of the business functions. They identify issues that are hampering the growth of the business and offer their recommendations. (MPBA Accounting job opportunities)

Investment Analyst

An investment analyst works in tandem with the fund manager & offers advice regarding investment portfolios. He keeps himself abreast of the latest development in the investment market and the new products & other relevant aspects. They also aid in financial modelling and help in analysing relevant financial information.

These are some accountancy job profiles that are quite popular with accountancy professionals; other profiles include Tax adviser, Tax inspector, Corporate treasurer, Financial manager & so on. (MPBA Accounting job opportunities)

Financial Managers or Financial Analysts

Financial analysts and managers use historical (accounting) data in their decision making, however, the number one role of the financial manager is to oversee the production of financial analysis and reports to help the company with decision making, business development, strategic planning, and alliance management. Through the use of these reports, the financial analyst helps to shape the company’s investment and business growth. Cash management strategies developed and implemented by the financial analyst help the company to grow efficiently and allow for maximum profitability in its investments.

Financial analysts and managers play an important part in mergers and global financing and expansion. Highly specialised knowledge in these areas is an important asset to the financial manager and his or her employer to maximise potential profit and reduce risk. Many companies utilise globally active consulting firms exclusively for these purposes.

Accounting Managers

Accounting managers working in a corporate setting perform responsibilities relating to tax reporting and management and creating income statements inside of controller and audit groups. This career path may bring one to the positions of corporate treasurer, corporate controller, or CFO (chief finance officer). Professional accountants working for a public accounting company will perform functions similar to those performed by an independent auditor tax consultants. An educational history or background based in accounting, as a Masters Program in Business Administration in finance by IIBM Institute.

A controller is someone who is in charge of preparing a company’s financial reports to forecast and sum-up the company’s financial situation. The statements a controller would get together consist of balance sheets, income statements, earnings analyses, and expense analyses. Regulatory agencies may also require special reports from companies. Controllers prepare these reports. In addition, a controller will frequently be over the budget, auditing, and accounting departments of a company.

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