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Membership & Approvals

Membership & Approvals

IIBM | The Institute

We highly value our commitment, integrity and quality assurance given to our students. To be a role-model in what we advocate, we continuously assess the quality of the processes, operational efficiency, curriculum and make the courses in par with the national and international standards.

As providing quality education to all is our goal, we keenly follow the procedures, obtain quality certifications, accreditation and create partnerships with various top notch educational and quality controlling entities.

AIMA_Logo Membership Approvals IIBM | Institutional Member of AIMA, India

IIBM institute is a Part of Shri tirupati Balaji Education . Shri tirupati Balaji Education approved by the council of AIMA as a combined institutional Member of All India Management Association (AIMA) and Meerut Management Association (MMA) effective from 1st April 2010. Through this membership, we aid in building management development programs that enhances the growth of the Indian management sector.

download IIBM Institute | Institutional Member of MMA, IndiaIIBM Institute of Business Management is the institutional member of Madras Management Association. This membership is acquired crediting the development and cultivation of management expertise built based on the amalgamation of Indian Ethos& codes of conduct with the practices from International Management system.
ficci IIBM Institute | Registered Member of FICCI, India

IIBM Institute of Business Management is the registered member of FICCI, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Through this membership, we assure our ability in continuous learning and updating to synchronize our curriculum to the real time need. Along with networking with corporate and government entities, we have been using this forum to conduct researches, surveys and get access t3o wider knowledge hub.

ipma IIBM Institute| Partner with IPMA, UK

IIBM Institute of Business Management is partnering with IPMA, UK for achieving the mission of (1) advocating the effective usage of education in the management cadre (2) promoting and enhancing the proficiency of the participants (3) providing quality services as a thought leader.

iadl IIBM Institute | Accredited by IADL, UK

IIBM Institute of Business Management is certified by ISDL (International Association for distance learning) in recognition for promoting excellence in online learning and to offer a voluntary system of validation and well-established courses. This certificate provides standards through which the quality of the courses is gauged.

urs IIBM Institute| ISO 9001:2008

IIBM Institute of Business Management obtained a quality standard certificate ISO 9001 2008 for shaping up the curriculum based on Industry & student needs, providing unity of purpose and direction, involving people that work towards the goal of the organization, having systematic approaches, managing continual improvement as the base of organizational culture, making decisions effectively and value driven capability building.

cii IIBM Institute | Member of CII, India

IIBM institute of Business Management is the institutional member of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry). The membership is received as an honour for creating and sustaining an environment and professional eco system which is advantageous to the industrial, economic and skill growth of India.

qci IIBM Institute| Member of QCI, India

IIBM Institute of Business management has acquired organizational membership from QCI (Quality Council of India) for practising the profession with integrity & accountability, respecting laws, rules and regulations, not involving in any fraudulent activity, enhance the capability through quality processes, promoting quality & professional growth and continuously strive to achieve professional growth of the organization and the people associated with it.

fieo IIBM Institute | Registered Member of FIEO, India

IIBM Institute of Business Management is the associate member of FIEO, Federation of Indian Export Organization.This membership reassures IIBM Institute of Business Management’s operational efficiency, infrastructural effectiveness that are at par with the international standards.

untitleddb IIBM Institute | Registered Member of D&B , India

IIBM Institute of Business Management is the registered member of D&B and established business credits; ensures credibility, reliability and financial stability of the organization.


IIBM Institute | Awarded “Hot Brand” by ICR, India

IIBM Institute has been awarded “Hot Brand Award” by ICR India Certifications Private Limited. ICR has recognized IIBM Institute as a center of excellence in the field of online management education. The unique learning methodology & curriculum of IIBM Institute is appreciated by the students as it helps them to become effective managers