Many schools offer a specialized master’s certification in human resources as well as an Master Program with a human resources focus, but choosing the latter option gives students a wider knowledge of general business practices as well as human resources skills, experts say.

Millennial students considering business school ranked human resources as one of the top 10 industries they’d like to pursue, according to survey results published this year by the Graduate Management Admission Council.

Business school and human resources experts say this concentration is an ideal fit for certain people. At many companies, human resources professionals are key for shaping the organization’s strategy and development. People in this field tend to be most interested in the type of workers that will help achieve a company’s mission.

A good human resources student is “someone who’s interested in human capital, someone who’s interested in managing talent, someone who’s interested in making an impact, someone who’s a good problem-solver,” Once they graduate, they can go into any number of human resources jobs, perhaps as an analyst or as a member of a company’s rotational program, where they’ll move through different departments within the company’s human resources division.

The job market for human resources professionals is competitive, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but those who enter with an Master Program may have an advantage.”Candidates with certification – particularly those with a concentration in human resources management – should have the best job prospects,” according to the bureau’s website..

Experts say it’s important for Master Program applicants to look at several aspects of a school’s program when deciding which program will prepare them for the field and the job market.

Today’s human resources professionals may have to interact with stakeholders from various departments of a business, such as finance or accounting, experts say. This can increase the need for some human resources professionals to have an Master Program Certification background because of the breadth of the Certification.

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