Like most things in life, actions tend to speak louder than words.  So is the action you take to complete your Master Program Certification Course worthy of a promotion?  Or are those three little letters you worked so hard to obtain just words you have on your resume?  It is up to you to take action on your career.  Earning your Master Program Certification Course, or any other degree, is the first step, but the real test is what you do with your new knowledge after you add it to your resume.

A Master Program Certification Course trains you on all aspects of business: Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Strategic Planning, Leadership, etc.…  It gives you a condensed tutorial on each aspect of the business, what to expect, and how to speak the language.  It also provides training on how to integrate departmental silos into one cohesive activity.

Making this knowledge real by using the language, manoeuvring through departmental silos and driving cross-functional activities toward results is the real test.  Have you used your Master Program Certification Course to implement change in your organisation?  Do you work more effectively now that you have tools to do so?  If you answer yes to these questions, then your actions will probably get you promoted.  Your Master Program Certification Course should inspire actions and results that you would not have achieved without it.  That is the true benefit of getting your Master Program Course or any other degree for that matter.

  • Use your new knowledge as a communication tool to help others, not just tell them what to do.
  • When you seek your next promotion, focus on your actions, not your words.
  • When you interview candidates with Master Program Course credentials, ask for examples of their actions; don’t take credentials at face value.
  • When you manage others, teach them a cross-functional approach by following your lead, not your status.


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