Master Program in Finance from IIBM Institute gives liable roles in the Organisation.Yes, you will be handling the finances of the business and as everyone knows finances run an enterprise and you will be in charge of that. There are multiple of opportunities for finance grads and the reason for this magnetism is the various subjects taught to the students in the course of 11 months. They include corporate valuation, Investment management, Management control system, Taxation, Financial  statement, Tax planning, Analysis and reporting of financial services.

Master Program in Finance Career Options

Students earning anMaster Program in Finance open up a multitude of business doors, depending on their chosen specialty. Salaries and options depend goes to work and what line of financial management they choose to follow.

Financial knowledge is a key component in many aspects of the business world. For this reason, a background in finance can open a number of doors for employment options. The range of careers open to graduates with an Master Program in Finance comes with a corresponding range of potential salaries. Options range from analytical to executive

Jobs after Master Program in Finance

Accounting Manager

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Cash Managers
  • Manager Consultants
  • Investment Banking Associates
  • Credit Managers & Specialists
  • Financial Analyst
  • Corporate Controllers
  • Finance Officers & Treasurers

In terms of the kinds of firms that are hiring Master Program, there are some bright spots in some parts of the finance industry. For example, there has been an increase in Master Program Certification going into venture capital firms, compared to a decade ago, of the Career Management. Meanwhile, the more traditional finance jobs in such areas as investment banking, investment management and hedge funds, saw declines.


Master Program likes provide financial students with placements at an average of 10 – 15 lakhs per annum, quite a wealthy salary for a fresher. If you have work experience  and want to pursue a Certification course in finance then an Online Executive Master Program  in India is the right fir for you . Its a one year Master Program course and inculcates all of the teachings of the full time Master Program, so if you’re thinking of pursuing an Master Program in Finance, go for it, the future looks amazingly bright for you.

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