Everyone has one’s own reason to pursue a Master Program Business Management (MPBA). What’s yours? If you have not given it a thought, you must do it now. It will not only be good in finding your career goals, it will also help you in your applications and interviews. Most Institute you are applying to will have an essay on “Why MPBA”.


Well, Paying Job –  It is true that to get a well-paying job, you need a Master Program Business Administration, but you need to look into other factors as well. Find out the institute you are applying to will help you in landing that job which you want. Find out how the companies in the industry you want to work post-MPBA look at the value of the MPBA from that school. It is often a good idea to talk to your recruiters or consultants about how an MPBA will add value to your resume and help in getting that much-wanted job/pay.

Career Change – This is another valid reason for doing Master Program Business Administration. Most people who are not satisfied with their current line of work or businesses look at an MPBA as a career-changing tool. For example, a person with interest in finance, and wishing to work for an investment bank might not be able to make this switch if he is stuck with an IT job. So an MPBA might open the doors for him to that job in the finance sector.

To Accelerate in the Current Job – Often people get stuck to a position because of lack of skills or degree. To accelerate both in terms of salary or position, doing an MPBA might be a good idea.  Having a well-defined plan about how exactly you think an MPBA can accelerate your growth in the current line of growth is advisable.

To Learn the Skills and Start a Company – This is a fresh trend seen in the more recent times. More and more people want to start new companies after doing an MPBA. You must be careful while putting this as a reason, though. You will need to provide appropriate reasons why you want to do so, and what preparation you have done for the same. If you have any entrepreneurial experience, it might help. Also, if you want to join an already running business (friend or family), doing an MPBA might be a good idea.Some b-schools even have separate quotas for people who want to start their own businesses.

Other Reasons – You might have other reasons as well, and they might be valid as well. The above-listed reasons are not exhaustive and one must evaluate them according to one’s own situation and personal ambitions.

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