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Job Responsibility of Digital Marketing Manager

Job Responsibility of Digital Marketing Manager

The job description of a Digital Marketing Manager is very broad, and often varies from organization to organization and the type of industry the organization is a part of, for example, the job description of a digital marketing manager in a consultancy firm would be different from the one in an e-commerce firm or a brick and mortar real estate agency.

Job Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager:

  • Creating strategies to increase online traffic to the organisation’s website
    • Tracking the conversions and improving the percentages and numbers
    • Taking care of everything from SEO, SEM to Social Media Marketing
    • Creating Social Media Marketing strategies to create a brand name in Social Media and raise awareness
    • Improving the user experience on the company’s website(Includes design, content and usability)
    • Collecting and Evaluating customer feedback data
    • Evaluating competitor’s Digital Marketing strategies and creating plans to overtake them

Even though there is no singular Job description of Digital Marketing Managers, we will try to see their broad job descriptions in various scenarios.


In an e-commerce firm, the Job Description of Digital Marketing Managers would generally include both operational and strategic responsibilities. Strategically, a Digital Marketing Manager would work closely with the CMO, VP etc. C-level executives to define and align the marketing objectives of the firm with the business goals and then devise an Omni-channel strategy to achieve these goals. The Digital Marketing Manager would be responsible for making sure that operationally all the concerned resources are utilised appropriately and is held accountable for the targets to be achieved. The Digital Marketing Managers coordinates with the team heads to ensure that the overall strategy is executed appropriately. Getting here will take experience and all-rounder and well-groomed skills both technical, and interpersonal.

Consulting agency:

The job description of a Digital Marketing Manager in a consulting agency is definitely different than that in an E-commerce firm. In a consultancy firm, digital marketing managers handle clients and are usually specialised in a field such as SEO, Email Marketing, etc. So they are usually handling specific channels and devise strategies in that field to meet a set objectives in the field. Getting here would require experience in a specific field and client managing skills.

Brick and Mortar firms:

Due to the proliferation of the internet, many brick and mortar based firms are also marketing online, usually for Business leads and brand building. Such firms employ a digital marketing manager to manage their activities online, co-ordinating with the consultancy firms that are hired by the company. Sometimes the job description of a Digital Marketing Manager in a brick and mortar company aligns with that of an e-commerce. But differs in the breadth and scope of the responsibilities. This is a slightly toned down version of e-commerce Digital Marketing Manager role.

Depending on your career objectives and goals and your current position, you should decide which of these roles would suit you the best.

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