You may have answered the typical “Tell me about yourself?” questions in an GOOGLE AND OTHER BIG COMPANIES interview but what do you do if a company throws you a curveball? For an example let’s say, if you are asked “Why are manhole covers round?”- what would be your reply. Check out a few more curveball questions and see what reply comes to your

Choose a city and estimate how many Piano Tuners operate a  business there?

Let’s choose a city, say Los Angeles. Let’s start with the population of Los Angeles. I know that New York has a population of 5M. I’m going to assume that Los Angeles is roughly the same (although its probably smaller). Let’s go with 5M inhabitants.

5 * 10^6 inhabitants.

Now lets start making some assumptions.

  • I know that roughly 3 people occupy each home. So we can assume that in LA there are roughly 5/3 * 10^6 homes.
  • Not all homes will have a piano. Lets assume that 10% of homes will have a piano. This will result in 5/3 * 10^5 pianos.
  • Now a piano tuner can probably tune 1 piano a day. I don’t know what tuning is but maybe that’s reasonable? That means, a single piano tuner will be able to tune 300 pianos a year.

Now, how many tunings does a piano need per year. Once again 1 sounds reasonable.

lets put it all together. To guesttimate the number of piano tuners, all we need is # of tuning opportunities per year / # of tunings per tuner per year.

= 5/3 * 10^5 / 300

= 5/9 * 10^3

= 550 piano tuners that can be gainfully employed.

This number seems reasonable

If you could be remembered for one sentence, what would it be?

Yes. I would like to be remembered for this sentence. This is the typical me. In any moment, I resort to being myself rather than imitating others and stepping into their shoes. I am who I am and nobody can change that.

I like my flaws, my talents , my interests, my mistakes and all of me. I know I have to correct myself in many matters. But that doesn’t mean I am going to become a different someone entirely. I like being myself.


If people could say – She did what she wanted, She made a difference in others’ lives as she planned , She was acting according to her decisions and finally, she was original and cannot be replaced, then that completes my life.

What do you think you will hate about this job?

I think each job is our decision where we choose to work so if you are choosing a job where you are or you wan to work then you should love that job instead of hating. At the end it’s your decision because you have chosen this job.

What do you do if you are approached by an employee who is complaining about a colleague who has horrible body odor?

Take note of the concern, and organise a workshop on personal grooming , and probably incorporate an activity wherein people can give each other frank opinions. So the message goes across without any offense.

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