An Executive Master Program (EMPBA) Certification is oriented towards mid- and senior-level management. The degree stresses skills in decision-making, team building and leadership, and it generally takes 11 months to complete from IIBM Institute. An Executive Master Program is designed to prepare students to become competitive in today’s global business world. The program helps create versatile managers who have excellent leadership skills. Students learn to successfully navigate the different aspects of the business community. Students learn basic and advanced business principles and their practical applications, along with tools and skills in business to lead effectively.

Career development

An EMPBA can help you move into job positions you wouldn’t be able to otherwise, and give you the the skills you need to start your own business. Studying for this executive program from IIBM Institute will not only provide you with an insight into different managerial and leadership approaches, but also into different business practices.

Health professionals, public sector executives, as well as participants from NGOs, SMEs, family-run businesses, women and entrepreneurs are adding to the diversity of today’s EMPBA, enriching the cohort experience. The mix of professors and classmates allows you to gain a different view on the world, which will help you succeed in today’s global business

Immediate reward

Executive Master Program is the immediate return for you and your employer. For the majority of EMPBA participants, the intense schedule is just part of the trade-off that sees them able to earn more and move ahead without interrupting their careers. The nature of the EMPBA, which enables you to work and study at the same time, is incredibly relevant particularly in tough economic times. What’s taught in the EMPBAOnline classroom relates to the current economic climate, ensuring that the skills and knowledge you acquire is not redundant. Professionals and experts from other industry sectors also gain from the general management skills they have reaped from the EMPBA experience.

Skills Learned

Students enrolled in an EMPBA program have the opportunity to hone existing skills and develop new ones. Students develop their abilities to map the future of their companies, recommending strategies that will help them fulfill their goals. Students may acquire skills in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Marketing management
  • Financial and managerial accounting
  • Financial and strategic management
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