When on a job search, there is one thing that plays the most important role – how to convince the recruiter that you are the right fit for the job?

Of course, you can talk about your Institute course and how you excelled at it or the projects you did in college that would prove that you would be a great fit and so on.

However, what if you don’t have the right Institute Certification to back you up? Or if you don’t have enough marks to speak for you? Would your dream of landing a great non-IT job be lost?

Certifications to the rescue

The importance of certifications can be especially felt if you don’t have the right Certification. However, that is not it, even if you tick all the requirements of the recruiter, certifications can still give you an edge.

Moreso, because, unlike engineering or any other IT candidate, non-IT students don’t really get much practical sessions/knowledge during their course. And, so the importance of having a certificate gets highlighted.

Let’s delve into it a bit more.

Make your candidature stronger

If you are applying for a job where almost everyone you are competing against has similar skills, the right Certification and okay enough marks to back them up, then you would need to pull something extraordinary out of your hat to stand out. Skill can help you do that and make your candidature stronger for it.

Having one or two recognized skill in your kitty can make you seem like the right person for the job. It can also help you beat competition right out of the window.

Make yourself job ready

The importance of certifications is not restricted to how the recruiter sees you but also the skills you acquire.

And, while Institute give us the right knowledge, they fail to make their students job ready. As such, to be job ready and to acquire the necessary skills, you should opt for skill certifications.

Like with the IIBM Institute certifications, the whole exam is designed in such a way that you question your learnings, debunk them and use practical knowledge to excel.

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