Import-Export management professional course will boost your career

Learn about the education of Import-Export management professional course and preparation needed to become an import-export specialist through IIBM Institute of Business management. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as details about diploma programs, job duties and salary projections to find out if this is the career for you.

Import-export specialists facilitate shipments crossing international borders. They may also be called import/export coordinators or import/export managers. Their main duty is to ensure that the shipment adheres to customs regulations. They may also track shipments and work with clients on reducing duties owed. Most professionals in the field have at least a 10+2 in a relevant area of business and experience.

 Job Duties

 Import-export specialists have many duties. Primarily, they document shipments to ensure that they are in compliance with customs rules and regulations. Import-export specialists also counsel clients on matters like tariffs, insurance, and quotas. They categorise shipments according to a tariff coding system. This position also requires consulting with customs agents to ease passage of shipments through customs. Import-export specialists also counsel their clients how to reduce duties and taxes owed.

Other duties of the import-export specialist have to do with the shipment of the goods. They track the location of the shipment. They prepare goods for shipment, using the best, most economical packaging. Transportation, warehousing, or distribution of goods may also be a job duty of the import-export specialist. They determine how much insurance to take out on the shipment.

Career Information

Students who earn a degree in the field can pursue careers in international marketing, export or import trading or other international trade services.

The import-export specialist must have a strong understanding of business, trading practices and laws, mathematics and great communication skills as they work with clients from many different countries and cultures on a daily basis. If this sounds like your forte then becoming an import-export specialist might be for you.

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