MasterProgramtrends may come and go, but one that seems to have legs is the creation of specialized Masterprogram. Master Program is not just about the general management but about getting specific knowledge on an area in which your interest lies. If you are clear with your objective on which field you want to pursue Master Program in, instead of pursuing general Master Program, you can directly go for the specialized Master program.

After completing the foundational courses, OnlineMaster programs with concentrations permit students to focus their elective coursework in a specific business discipline. Students completing 3-4 courses in a single discipline receive a Certification noting their area of concentration. Specialized programs offer in-depth preparation and knowledge for someone who is committed to a particular industry or specialty throughout their career. Some of the more popular concentrations include:

Entrepreneurship – This specialization places an emphasis on developing the entrepreneurial skills needed to start, fund, and manage your own business, as well as overcoming the inevitable setbacks that derail new businesses ventures.

Finance –An Master Program with a specialization in Finance provide skills to students interested in financial analysis, financial strategy, capital budgeting, mergers and acquisitions, and investment banking.

Management – A Management specialization focuses on all aspects of business management, including strategic management, human resources management, leadership, and organizational behavior.

Marketing – This specialization offers insights into consumer behavior, brand and product management, marketing strategies and tactics, digital marketing, etc.

Accounting –An Master Programprofessional Coursewith a concentration in Accounting prepares students to become leaders of accounting and control functions.

This may seem like a great option for those who know exactly what discipline or profession they want to work in, but the viability of specialized Master Program may have lost some of its luster. Critics of concentrations cite the need for long-term flexibility in order to respond to a dynamic global marketplace where a broad skillset may be more valuable. In addition to your interests, alignment of your education with current industry trends and market opportunities is an important factor to consider when making a selection.

It is also important to remember that in many professions, specialization occurs through on-the- job training. In certain industries, e.g., Health Care Management and Financial Management, it may be necessary to acquire a specific license and/or certification in order to

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