Curiosity is considered to be a critical motivator for learning and to convert this element of curiosity into a knowledge .An employee can be truly satisfied and aid in your organisation’s growth if he/she sees himself/herself growing along with the organisation. Although, this growth not only includes pay, promotion and other incentives but also how much the employee gets to learn from his/her workplace.

When shifting the culture of any company, it’s important to first identify a clear sense of purpose beyond profit. There’s also an important role for leaders to play in creating a learning culture. Put simply: if you want to see change adopted within your company, you must first start exhibiting the mindset and behaviours you’d like to see from those around you.

Knowing your employees, their strengths, weaknesses and interests

It is imperative to know and understand the background of your employees such as their strengths, weaknesses, interests, hobbies. For instance, if there are a few employees who are weak in JAVA, however, it is the need of the hour, the employees should learn new things from their spectrum of work as this will help them take their career forward. In such instances, a leader should proactively hold training programmes and aid the employees to enhance their skills.

Inspire the team

We invite academics, tech luminaries, and others, to deliver inspiring TED Talks-style presentations. We want to raise awareness of digital technologies, methodologies and ways of working – looking at things from different angles. This has a business benefit and we’re seeing that, through these sessions, people are coming across new ideas and then bouncing these ideas off colleagues. Tangible business ideas are being taken forward

Enhance skills via online courses

Thanks to higher internet penetration, the online learning space in India is growing manifold. Digital learning is turning education into a more ‘inclusive’ experience and makes the right teaching talent more accessible. These online courses from IIBM Instituteare a cost effective yet impactful way of learning. You can now easily provide your team quality teaching from professional and recognised coaches, speakers and tutors. It helps your employees learn from their own desk and at their own pace.


This activity involves the systematic searching for and testing of new knowledge. Using the scientific method is essential, and there are obvious parallels to systematic problem solving. But unlike problem solving, experimentation is usually motivated by opportunity and expanding horizons, not by current difficulties. It takes two main forms: ongoing programs and one-of-a-kind demonstration

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