There are lots of things you canor should do when you apply for a job, but there are also ways that you can limit your job search by not applying for jobs correctly. It’s important to know what you shouldn’t do while applying for a job, along with what you should do when you are applying for jobs. Here’s how not to apply for a

Limit Your Job Search:-

Don’t limit your search by only applying to the only positions that meet your exact criteria. Instead, having an open mind about job (remember, you won’t know exactly what the job entails until you interview) when reviewing the job ads will increase your applications and increase your chances of getting an interview. The more flexible you will, the more options you’ll have.

Contradict Yourself

If you are interviewing with several people in interview, make sure you keep your story straight don’t mould to much. Telling one interviewer one story and another something else is a good way not to get the job. Also make sure that the work history in you arediscussing with employers matches up with what’s on your resume. Double check your employment dates and job responsibilities to make sure you remember what you did when.

Underdo It

Don’t be a slob. Candidates who are unkempt, disheveled, and poorly dressed won’t get the job. Even if you don’t have to dress up if you’re hired, wear interview attire that will make a good impression.

Submit resume or cover letter with typos

CheckProperly your resume, your cover letter, and every single email you send for grammar and spelling – even if it’s just a quick email or Facebook message to a networking contact.

Show Your Desperation

Are you almost out of unemployment? Don’t know where your next meal is coming from? Do you absolutely have to have this job? Don’t give an inkling of any of that away. You want employers to believe that you want this job because it’s a good opportunity and you can be an asset to the company, not because you need to buy groceries or make your car payment.

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