Human Resource Management deals with issues related to compensation, performance management, organisation development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, training and others. HRM plays a strategic role in managing people and the workplace culture and environment.

While a large body of literature has investigated the content of human resource management (HRM) practices, this research explores the process through which the HRM function impacts on organisational performance. Specifically, the research explores the reasons for the success or failure of HRM initiatives that have been associated with organisational outcomes and classifies the reasons as dimensions of HRM power. Based on 26 interviews conducted in Australia with senior HRM executives, top management team (TMT) executives and two management consultants, we found that, in order to contribute to organisational performance, HRM professionals can effectively utilise three dimensions of power, namely power of resources, power of processes and power of meaning. The findings offer new insights to the relationship between dimensions of HRM power and organisational performance.

Human resource brings in joy within the employees:

The human resource team is the one who takes up responsibility for events, activities, celebrations, theater trips, ceremonies and other team development opportunities.

The HR manager is the one who manages the budget and organizes the event. This brings in joy and relaxation amongst employees apart from work schedule.

They take hands and lead you in a new way:

When your organization has declared for introducing new products, deviating towards new goals, changing directions, the human resource team is the one who precedes them with the new process and

They are considered important as they are responsible for advocating and carrying out strategies for the fellowship as well as the society. With the new mission the human resource also helps in achieving strategic goals.

Human resource management recommends using the resources:

The human resource management makes certain that they make proper use of all the available human and non-human resources. When such available resources are utilized properly, goals of an organization is accomplished.

Societies who are developed to make proper utilization of their resources invite the human resource management to plan for objectives and policies.

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