The process of a job search isn’t easy. Apart from looking at the right places and following the right path, one needs to be capable to showcase self as the right candidate for the given job post. This becomes all the more crucial when the job search is for non-tech profiles since the candidates need to have something that would give them an edge.
There are a plethora of non-tech certifications and courses of IIBM Institute available these days, which can dearly fulfill this purpose and help non-IT graduates to find a suitable job.
These non-tech certifications help build the job resume in a better way and are more emphasizing and impressive to the recruiter than you merely claiming that you have the skills.
So, let’s have a look at the top few non-tech certifications that can help you immensely with the job search process and get you high paying jobs:
Project Management Certifications
Among non-tech certifications, the one most in demand among recruiters is the project management certification. It helps by verifying your time management and multi-tasking skills along with other qualifications required to do the job of a project manager. The Project Managementcertification greatly expands your skills value and potential job opportunities. Recognized globally, a Project Management certification can help you land lucrative roles in IT, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and other exciting industries. Certified Project Managementcertification also report better project performance and steep pay raises.
Master Program in Human Resource Management Certifications
Human Resource is one of the fields which aren’t concrete with the requirements in form of degrees. If you have a skill certification and follow proper job tips, you can get a well-paying job as an HR or in the HR department of a company. All you need to do here a Human Resource certification to apply for HR jobs.
SEO certifications
With the web boom, SEO has become the backbone of the internet and businesses thriving on it. SEO or search engine optimization is now the new marketing channel for companies and therefore a lot of investment goes into it.
SEO is the skill certification required to get into these jobs. There is a vacancy for a SEO specialist in almost every big company these days and job tips shared by experts say that you must get a certification in this area to get a high-paying job.www.iibmindia.in

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