So what should companies screen for when identifying marketing talent? Should hard skills like social media experience and an analytical background be the main factors considered for a marketing role? As 2018 rolls around, knowing which skills to upgrade and improve on would definitely be on the minds of many. According to a recent report by LinkedIn, hard skills in marketing and data will be needed most by companies in 2018. Meanwhile, soft skills such as communication will also be needed.

Data-driven marketing

Data is one of the most valuable assets a business has today. But on its own, data doesn’t deliver results. Businesses need the right people who know how to leverage it to drive actionable results through the right

Required skills include:

  • Testing and analytical techniques
  • Metrics for measuring marketing performance
  • Data gathering, interpretation and recognising quality data


 Company branding is a differentiator in the marketplace, and good marketers understand that. They know their personal brand and they are also able to recognize strong company brands in the market.

Ask candidates what brands they believe are doing well, and why. Have them evaluate the company’s brand and present suggestions for improvement.

Strong writing and editing:

 Candidates for a marketing role should be able to adjust their tone and style, and they should be able to edit others’ work. Thought leadership and content creation is crucial to building brands today; they add credibility and help consumers trust the product.

To gauge candidates’ writing and editing abilities, assign writing prompts and ask them to proofread a press release.

Campaign management

Working at the intersection of marketing and advertising the campaign manager will multitask across planning, execution and delivery of the work of the creatives and media and is responsible for the detailed work that brings a brand to life.

Required skills include:

  • Project managing
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills
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