Over the years I have come across many accountants and professionals who did exceptionally well in the early stages of their career only to hit a glass ceiling all too quickly.

The truth is in my experience a professional qualification or anMaster Program merely gets you in the door.  What determines how far you go in the longer is at least in part to making your professional development count.  So how can you make your professional development count?

Focus on the long term

Be clear about what the end game is and what you will need to achieve the ultimate goal.

Don’t restrict your approaches to professional development

It has never been easier to access development opportunities.  Too often people think just about expensive training courses and if budgets for training are cut say there is no funding.  There are plenty opportunities for low and no cost training and development, it is just a matter of seeking it out. www.iibmindia.in

Remember your needs change

Don’t view professional development planning as being a task and finish exercise.  See your plan as a live rolling document that is updated as new needs arise.

Choose the Right Course

There will always be a series of courses to choose from and it can be mind-boggling especially as you may want to do many of those. But choose the right ones for yourself based on what is your priority in terms of developmental goals. That is the only way you can make your professional development impactful for your leadership success. Do not join up too many courses, so that you can ensure that you focus on the ones that have the highest impact on your career growth. You can choose the right one based on your interest area, developmental gaps, career aspirations and fitment to the business needs of the company.

Have a Career Vision

All the professional development that you undertake will only be useful if you have a career vision. What this means is that you need to start with career planning and visioning. That will help you work out where you aim to reach. That decision is what will impact your choices for professional development. Your vision could also include any aspirations for organizations that you admire and want to join, leaders whose qualities you want to imbibe or even networks that you believe are valuable for your learning.

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