There are a number of certifications that pay well in almost every industry. Whether you are considering going to school for your first time or are a working professional with years of experience, there are likely certifications that can help you boost your current standing. There are quick certificates for for professionals like network administrators, accountants, and project managers.


Whether you’re just entering the field of Business Analysis (BA) or have worked as a Business Analyst for years, certification is something you’re going to want to consider at some point during your career.

While it’s unlikely to make-or-break an employer’s decision to hire you outright, the certification process itself can provide valuable training and experience to business analysts of all levels. Additionally, it can help to formalize the experience that you already have, making it easier for you to market yourself to potential employers.

The Business Analysis Profession is my passion; let me be a Career Business Analyst

The nature of this profession allows for a business analyst career path in simply becoming a professional Business Analyst (or remaining a Professional Business Analyst for many years). This is because the profession consists of a set of skills which are highly specialized and can be applied to any industry and to any subject matter area successfully. This allows for the Business Analyst to move between industry, company and subject matter area with ease which becomes their career progression and focus of professional development. The transition between industries becomes more seamless as you gain more and more experience as a Business analyst. This is what often attracts Business Analysts to becoming highly skilled in delivering a skill set within more and more challenging subject matter areas or industries

Project Management Certification Course

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