Put “overly common” skills in your resume like creativity, good communication skills, team player, independent thinker, goal-oriented, and the list goes on.  Because here’s the thing guys – nobody ever gets hired because their resume states that they’re “creative”.  The ironic thing about that is that creativity is still one of the most valuable assets a candidate can bring to the table, And plenty of us are good at that, we list it on our resume, our LinkedIn profiles, we talk about it in the interview.  But what’s missing?Research the required computing skills for the profession that interests you, and then if you aren’t already proficient in them, consider taking online courses to learn them.

Rewrite Your Skills to Reflect Expertise

After deciding on your theme, you’re ready to write the skills section. Remember you need  to reflect expertise that supports your theme. Most people will have and show  between five and 15 main skills listed. Sometimes, just writing down the skills like software programs or concepts are enough, but many times they’re not. Know your audience. That’s a skill that in one sentence will puts a hiring manager on notice that you’re not only on top of your field, but that you’re aware of the changes and the need to respond to them fast.www.iibmindia.in

Computer/ Tech Skills

As technology continues to evolve in you resume, it’s essential that you stay up-to-date to the new technology with the latest emerging trends. You should have a basic knowledge of social networking sites, computer programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and depending on the job you’re applying for, programs such as Adobe FrameMaker, Photoshop or Madcap Flare.


Being able to communicate well with others is definitely a desirable trait in an employee. That means responding promptly to emails, voicing concerns right when they pop up and keeping supervisors and team members in the loop about important information they need to know. Good communication skills deserve a place on your resume for sure and will go a long way towards making you an attractive job candidate.

Critical Thinker

Become Critical thinkers and observe a problem or task and approach it from multiple directions. Increase ability to think logically about the problem and propose rational solutions based on scientific data. Taking an introductory computer programming course is one way to kick start the critical thinking side of your brain. There are an infinite number of ways to write even the most simple computer program and the task of doing it efficiently and creatively will help build your critical thinking skills.

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