IIBM Institute provides online learning model that gives you a new way to experience—while you work. The one year, 3-course programs focus on leadership and innovation, giving you the skills, confidence, and support to enact true change to impact real-world business challenges.The great challenges of tomorrow include acquiring and developing a certain range of skills and abilities. It is fairly obvious that we are living in a constantly changing world, increasingly dynamic and challenging. This complexity also affects the business environment, which never stops evolving.

Executive Program in Business Administration

IIBM Institute Executive Program Course to make Improvement in processes, structures, systems are often being attempted with an objective of achieving better efficiency and effectiveness. However, it is known that most change initiatives to achieve their desired objectives. IIBM Institute strongly believe that if change courses are to succeed, there have to be able managers at each level with a know-how of leadership and change management concepts, tools and techniques. This course will offer insight into concepts and applications of leadership and change management with an emphasis on learning knowledge, skills and values

Master Program in Business Administration

Master Program in Business administration leadership skillsprovides credibility they bring business leaders  to the company. We want to create passionate leaders who can inspire their employees and partner with other ambitious individuals to effect real change in the world of business. Our Master program is designed with our unique leadership values in mind to prepare the next generation of leaders for the rigors of working in today’s competitive business environment.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing will help you to boost your career. Every company is multiplying revenue and calculating how it would be exponential. To accelerate the profit fresh minds and marketing approach required. So be ready to set up yourselfbeing Google, Facebook, HubSpot. IIBM Institute provide Digital Marketing Course, without any quality compromise. We support the strategy part. So not only you learn digital marketing modules but you learn how to use the modules in your Business, Start-up or in Career.

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