Master’s in International Business is ideal for students who want to develop a global mind set and to understand different business management practices.

By studying a Bachelor’s in International Business, you will not only understand how the global economy works, but you will also know how to develop strategic plans for international operations.

But if your goal is to improve the performance of businesses competing in a rapidly changing global marketplace, a Master’s programme in international business will expose you to ideas that will help you face international challenges more successfully.

Jobs after master program in international business :

  1. Management analyst/consultant

A management analyst or consultant helps companies or organisations solve any type of issue and provides advice on growing revenues and improving business performance. Mainly, a management consultant provides expertise knowledge and assists an organisation in developing the skills it needs to maximize growth.

The essential tasks of a management analyst or consultant are:

  • identifying issues and analysing possible solutions for them;
  • presenting findings and recommendations to clients;
  • assisting clients in implementing the suggested solutions;
  • analysing financial data, including revenues, expenditures, and employment reports.
  1. Sales manager

A sales manager is responsible for coordinating a sales team and has to make sure the company reaches the sales target. Through effective planning and budgeting, the sales manager builds a strategic and effective sales plan and he/she is also responsible for promoting the products or services provided by the company.

Duties of a sales manager include:

  • setting a clear sales quota and developing training programs for the sales team;
  • monitoring and analysing the sales figures and performance;
  • finding potential customers and looking for new business opportunities;
  • using marketing strategies to make products/services popular amongst the consumers.
  1. International trader

International traders are also known as commodities and securities traders and deal with advising corporate clients on various matters related to trade and investment opportunities. An international trade specialist makes a clear overview of clients’ financial abilities and suggests investments that would benefit them. Additionally, the trade specialist can also provide consultancy in terms of securing capital, real estate and international business strategies.International traders may be employed by investment firms, banks, government or work as freelance consultants.

  1. Finance controller

 A finance controller manages everything that deals with financial reporting of a company, and this includes accounts, transactions, payroll, preparation of taxes. Finance controllers collaborate and communicate with all departments of a company and need to have a holistic understanding of the entire business.

Finance controllers will perform the following:

  • creating and maintaining the company’s accounting system;
  • collecting debts;
  • processing and recording transactions;
  • finding methods to improve financial reporting.
  1. Business development manager

A business development manager combines strategic analysis with marketing and sales techniques to help a company grow and increase its revenues. Business development managers usually focus on establishing new partnerships and increasing sales from existing accounts.

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