Times have changed. Gone are the days when journalism, marketing, advertising and other jobs in the humanities were considered the “glamorous” jobs. It’s time for the nerds to take their revenge with the rise of Analytics as the most sought-after job! Analytics has paved the way for the math and statistics lovers who want to pursue a career beyond conventional options such as engineering.

Scope of Data Analytics in India

India is extremely famous among the universal market which gives seaward administrations to a few companies in business analytic making them one of the countries that has a great data analytics future scope. Since large measures of data are pooling in the company, it is constantly critical to take the correct choice and beat the drawbacks in companies. The extent of business analytic in a few large enterprises have been ceaseless and expanding which procures productive salaries while dealing with the assets, investigating the accessible data, identify designs in the concealed data to understand the money related condition of the company.

Business analytic in India is blasting, and there are a lot of chances accessible in the market. A profession in business analytic is fulfilling and has seen a quick-paced development in the current circumstances. Skills expected to become showbiz royalty in analytic for the most part require statistical techniques, quantitative capacity, business learning, logical thinking, big data, instruments to understand the accessible data, overseeing function, keeping up the assets and so on. Understanding the business situations and ready to handle them with a vast information in big data enhances the money related status of the companies. Thus, future of big data in India is very bright and promising.

The Harvard Business Review calls the position of business analysts or data scientist the “sexiest job of the 21st century.” Business Analyst jobs are predicted to increase by 22% by 2020, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.*www.iibmindia.in

What skills would be required of you as an Analyst?

If you want to mold yourself into a competent Analyst, here are a list of noteworthy skills which would help you in shaping yourself into one:

An eye for detail: From interpreting data to translating inferences for making business decisions, an eye for detail and precision is the fundamental requirement of an Analyst. It is crucial for this precision to be maintained along every step of the process.

Technical know-how: Familiarity with the information technology associated with handling volumes of data and comfort in using the appropriate tools for handling the same is an imperative skill that is required. Some of these tools include SAS, R, Python, SPSS and MS Excel.

Effective communication: The job of an Analyst requires dealing with multiple stakeholders and therefore the ability to listen intently, absorb information and ask relevant questions. Further, Analysts would also be required to be fluent, both verbally and in written, in communicating and delivering project details.

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