Year 2018 is here and a bevy of new year resolutions are popping into every one’s mind. One common one is the about career enhancement.

Every employee or job seeker hopes to come across ‘that opportunity’ that can turn his fortune around and catapult his career into another dimension. We at wish all the best to our users for the coming year.

No 1 – Resume: Your CV sells you to the firm. First thing to do this year is review your resume. Is it updates with all your latest qualifications? Does it have any spelling mistakes? Is it too long and boring for a recruiter to read? And, most importantly do you have a cover note ready with it?

No 2 – Interviews: You’ve sent your CV and are now waiting for an interview call. Job interviews can be nerve-wracking if you aren’t comfortable with ‘selling’ yourself but believe it or not, being skilled in interviews is something you can learn. An interviewer will make a judgement, so it’s important to make sure it’s a positive first impression. Pre-interview research is so important. When the interviewer is enquiring about experience, take this opportunity to relate the skills acquired in previous positions to the role that you are applying for.

No 3 – Fit in the work environment: In a rapidly changing work environment, it becomes essential to keep up. For a healthy and happy workplace, building trust among employees is essential. This keeps the employees stress-free and mentally fit. The best way to achieve this is by continuing to challenge oneself at the workplace.

No 4 – Salary negotiation: You may have an idea of what you are worth based on anecdotal information about what people like you are paid, but you will need something a little more scientific if you are to convince a future employer. Have a comparison list with you in the interview. Add any extra skills you believe are important for the role. This gives you a physical list of your strengths as compared to the employer’s needs, and a negotiation base.

No 5 – Highlight your tech savvy abilities: With the advent of digitisation the preference of employers have changed. Traditional methods of working are bygone, recruiters are looking for employees who are tech savvy and understands its operation well for smoothing functioning of work. “For admission help, enquire here

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