You know you’re a perfect fit for the job, but before you can move into your new office, you’ll need to make a great impression at your job interview. You know you’ll be competing against other smart job candidates. What are your best strategies for nailing the tough questions and landing the job?

Here are some tips, gathered from career experts, that will make you shine in your next job interview:

  • Dress the part

Even if the job you’re applying for involves wearing a uniform or working behind the scenes, the way you dress for an interview tells your potential employer that you take the job seriously. If you’re a guy, wear a nice pair of pants and a shirt. A tie usually isn’t necessary for a summer job, although it doesn’t hurt to wear one! Sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans don’t work. The same goes for girls: Wear something simple and avoid short skirts or skimpy tops.

  • Appear confident

Look your potential employer in the eye and shake his or her hand. Good manners go a long way to helping you land a job. Be friendly and don’t make jokes.

  • Be prepared

Appearing confident is easiest when you know what you’re talking about. Find out what you can about the position or company in advance and show your knowledge during the interview. Researching the company shows the interviewer that you’re smart and eager to learn. Doing your research also lets you learn what inspires you about the company so you can share your enthusiasm with the

If you can, find out more about the position itself. Looking on the company’s website or talking to someone who has worked there allows you to think in advance about which skills you have that fit well with the job.

  • Technical preparation is essential

Like any other type of interview, preparation is the key ingredient to make sure you can give it your best shot and show a potential employer what you’re made of. However, along with the regular points to consider, you also need to prepare for the technical side.

Depending on the role you’re applying for, you may be asked to undergo a test or provide an analysis of a line of computer code, for example. The employer will be looking for you to demonstrate your ability to solve technical problems and understand your critical thinking process.

Practise talking through the process with your interviewer as if you were problem solving in real time. If this means you need to draw a diagram (as that is how you would normally work out problems) then do this. Not only will this help the interviewer understand you better, but you are more likely to stay in their minds.

  • Presentation

The first impression is the last impression. This saying holds doubly true when you are going in for a job interview. And again, there can be too much of a good thing. Excessive focus on your appearance may make you come across as shallow and superficial, while too little will end up making you look sloppy and careless. It is important on such an occasion to look both presentable and professional, with a neat, clean and decent outfit paired with minimalistic make-up (in case of women) and minimal accessories for both genders. Stick to formals and avoid loud colours on this particular day.

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